Center of Excellence for Health Disparities

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Health disparities have a deeply significant impact on the well-being and longevity of the people of our nation’s capital. The District of Columbia ranks highest in the country for breast and cervical cancer mortality, and stroke is the fourth leading cause of death. Notably the racial disparities in these outcomes for residents who are African American and those with low incomes are far greater in our nation’s capital than elsewhere in the country. While research is key to discovering how best to make a difference in health disparities, it is vital that researchers, healthcare professionals, policy-makers and community members all work together to identify and implement solutions.

The mission of The Center of Excellence for Health Disparities (CEHD) is to eliminate health disparities in the District of Columbia by building bridges between researchers, policy-makers and the community. The CEHD, a collaborative initiative between Georgetown University (new window), Howard University (new window), and various other partners:

  • conducts critical health disparities research in breast cancer and stroke
  • prepares future professionals to deliver state-of-the-art services and programs
  • trains future leaders in the field in partnership with members of the communities most affected
  • engages in continuous dialogue with the community.