About Us

Georgetown Initiative to Reduce Health Disparities

The Initiative to Reduce Health Disparities aims to amplify research, service, and outreach related to health disparities through the development of a campus-wide network and the creation of new opportunities for collaboration and community engagement.  

To achieve these goals, the Initiative provides a framework for faculty, across Georgetown, to increase the scope, intensity, and effectiveness of their work related to heath disparities.

To lead this Initiative, Georgetown has engaged two extraordinary faculty leaders to serve as Co-Chairs:  

Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell (left) and Dr. Phyllis Magrab (right)
Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell (left) and Dr. Phyllis Magrab (right)

Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell, PhD, associate director for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research at Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center; and,

Dr. Phyllis Magrab, PhD, professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Director of Georgetown’s Center for Child and Human Development. 

They provide leadership to the Initiative and guide the work of the Initiative Steering Committee, comprised of administrative and academic leaders from all of Georgetown’s campuses.

All of these leaders work to ensure the Initiative has the strongest possible platform for faculty to create new understandings of health disparities that can be disseminated and applied in underserved communities in the District of Columbia, across the United States, and around the world.

Today, more than one hundred faculty at Georgetown are active members of this network, whose activities include the completion of pilot projects, research affinity groups and new research collaboratives, as well as networking breakfasts and informal gatherings.