Cultural & Linguistic Competence

There is a compelling body of evidence and consensus among many in the health and mental health care communities that cultural competence and linguistic competence are key approaches in efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care.  Given the importance of this evidence, an array of approaches is used to embed cultural and linguistic competence in the CEHD’s four cores.  

  • Administrative Core

Support the development of policies and structures that advance and sustain cultural and linguistic competence within the partnering academic medical institutions.

  • Research Core

Assist researchers to apply cultural and linguistic competence in all phases of the conduct of research including individual consultation and the development of resources.

  • Research Training/Education Core 

Conduct faculty/professional development forums, provide consultation on cultural and linguistic competence, and create resources that support  leadership among  students from underrepresented groups interested in health disparities research. 

  • Community Engagement Core 

Provide consultation on strategies to engage culturally and linguistically diverse populations, communities, and key stakeholders in health disparities research.