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The wide range of study in health disparities is reflected in the diversity of topics in the recent proposals submitted through the Initiative’s Pilot Project Request for Proposals.

In selecting these proposals, the Initiative identified cross-disciplinary interests and helped develop multi-campus projects with long term potential. In these initial projects and other activities, the Initiative seeks to create effective collaboration in better University members in order to meet the challenges of growing health disparities in our society.

Submitted topic proposals included:

  • A Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Collaborative to Reduce Health Disparities for Stress-Related Physical and Mental Health Conditions
  • A De-identified Patient Visit Retrieval and Summary Statistics Generation System
  • A Parent Child Connectedness Intervention to Reduce Disparities in Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Addressing Health Disparities for Persons with Disabilities – Intercampus/Community Partnership
  • Addressing Maternal Health Needs of Indigenous Women in Chiapas, Mexico through a Community Based Intervention
  • Addressing Multiple Health Disparities in Multi-Generational Latino Families
  • Baby Zone SIDS/Infant Mortality Training
  • Biological Factors in Prostate Cancer Health Disparity
  • Combatting Cancer Disparity Between Populations through Innovative but Low-Cost Molecular and Cellular Technology
  • Communities Actively Engaged in Research to Reduce Health Disparities
  • Community Engagement to Reduce Occupational Health Disparities: Integrating Occupational Safety and Health into the Fabric of Community Life through Church as a Small Employer
  • Comparing and Contrasting Health Conditions to Determine How Health Disparities are Addressed
  • Concept Note for Georgetown University Medical-Legal Partnership (GMLP)
  • Conference on Patient Centered Medical Homes for DC’s Primary Care Physicians Serving the District’s Underserved Populations
  • Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website for Integrative Health Services
  • Crucial Conversations: Interdisciplinary Training to Reduce Health Disparities
  • Developing a Research Agenda through Participation Action Research with Immigrant Youth in Washington, DC
  • Developing Georgetown’s Domestic and Global Health Disparities Case Challenge
  • Exploratory Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) Program for Cancer Genomics in African American and African Immigrant Populations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
  • Facilitating Adherence to Systemic Therapy in Black Breast Cancer Patients
  • Health Data Quality and Its Impact on Health Disparities in the Washington DC Area
  • Health Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment of Women with Vulvodynia
  • Healthy Heart: A Lifestyle Program to Address Congestive Heart Failure in African American Men in the District of Columbia
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Availability
  • Identification of Mental Disparities
  • Identifying Predictors of Cardiotoxicity in African American and Non-African American Women with Breast Cancer
  • Improving access to Hospice and Palliative Care for African Americans in DC
  • Improving Community Engagement for Latino Immigrants with Depression and/or PTSD
  • Industry Marketing and Health Disparities
  • Is There a Balm in Gilead? The Role of Religious Congregations in Reducing Health Disparities in Washington, DC Neighborhoods
  • Manipulation of Bone Marrow Stem Cell to Enhance Spontaneous Recovery Following Stroke
  • Metabolomic Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer Health Disparity Between DC Metro Area Blacks and Whites
  • Multidisciplinary Diabetes Education and Medication Therapy Management Service for Underserved Populations
  • Novel Quantitative Methods and Assessment Tools for Health Disparities
  • Painkiller Abuse in America
  • Prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus Infection in the Oral Mucosa of HIV Patients in Minority Populations with Regard to Head and Neck Cancer and Cervical Cancer Risk
  • Proposal for Interdisciplinary Pilot Project to Reduce Health Disparities: Enhancing Health in Washington DC through Emotional Intelligence, Health Promotion Workshops and Social Media
  • Raise Awareness of Chronic Pain Treatment Options in Spanish-speaking Communities
  • Reducing Childhood Obesity in the District of Columbia
  • Reducing Children’s Health Disparities in Washington DC: Empowering Families and Responding to Cultural Differences in the Face of Chronic Illness
  • Reducing Health Disparities through a Values-Based Approach: The Center for Health Equity-Research, Implementation, and Teaching (CHERITH)
  • Religion and Biotechnology Revolution (Ethical and Theological Analysis)
  • Surveillance of Emerging Artemisin Resistance in West Africa
  • Targeting Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Latinas in the Washington DC Area
  • The Diffusion of Positive Deviant Practices to Reduce Health Disparities in Community Settings
  • The Uneven Road to Health: Assessing Transport Barriers to Clinic Access Epidemiologically and Socially
  • Towards Understanding and Preventing Breast Cancer Disparities in African Americans in Washington DC: Diet, Gene Interactions
  • Understanding African-American Cultural Attitudes about Pain and its Effects on Treatment-Seeking Behaviors

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